A Vegan, a Vegetarian, and a Pescatarian walk into a restaurant, What can they eat?

A pescatarian differs from the standard omnivorous diet in that they eat fish but do not eat meat, a vegetarian doesn’t eat meat but eats animal products, and a vegan neither eats animals nor animal products.

Vegan: no animals, no animal byproducts. This means meat, poultry, fish, dairy, broth, etc are off limits. A vegan cannot eat a cookie if it was made using eggs, they can’t eat a pizza if it has non-vegan cheese on it, no bread if it contains lard, and they can’t drink soup if it has chicken broth in it (to name a few examples).

Vegetarian: no animals, meaning they can’t eat steak but can consume cheese pizza, cake, cookies, quesadillas, and more. Some vegetarians won’t consume non-vegan broths, non-vegan breads, gelatin and the like because the making of these foods almost certainly involved the execution of the animal.

Pescatarian: vegetarian that eats fish (or an omnivore that doesn’t eat meat), meaning they don’t eat meat, chicken, etc. but enjoy fish, lobster, clam chowder, and they’ll eat foods made with animal products such a pizza.

To summarize, all three can eat:

But vegetarians can also eat:

And Pescatarians can add this onto their plates:



23 thoughts on “A Vegan, a Vegetarian, and a Pescatarian walk into a restaurant, What can they eat?

      1. Weve been sugar free for 9 weeks now. Gluten free for 3 weeks. Vegetarian for a year. Sugar free is hard!!!!! Trying to deal with all of these health issues though and trying to do it with nutrition. Although the vegetarian part has nothing to do with our health, it is a personal choice.


      2. Oh, well we bought a leather couch 25 years ago and my daughter refuses to sit on it!!!!
        A friend of mine was the rep for PETA in Florida and my daughter and I did wild life rehab and rehab on animals that had been tested on for 8 or so years. I know all too well the unethical treatment of animals. Not that I am for or against PETA because I know people have different thoughts about it, but I learned a lot of truths from her. I have , nor my daughter, has ever eaten beef or pork. But we did eat chicken. That was our only meat, it was organic and ethically raised. But that has been cut out.


      3. For my daughter, POTS. For me, Lyme disease.
        Oh sugar was freaking brutal for me.. for her she was totally fine. Didn’t bother her at all. I craved it. i still crave it bad!!!!

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    1. LOL oh my goodness! I’ve found that people will think that vegan and vegetarian are the same thing. And I do have an aunt that believed I meant I was just going to be eating more fruits/veggies as a vegetarian/vegan.

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  1. This is a good post! A co-worker of mine told me she was a pescatarian before I’d heard the term, so I was confused (I thought ‘Huh?’), lol. Reading your post reminded me of my co-worker.


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  3. I think it’s important for people to know that vegans do eat pizza though, and we do eat cookies, and ice cream, just vegan versions of the same. It’s not like we have to eat bowls of raw seeds and kiwi fruit, which I think it the general impression sometimes. We have whole entire pizza places, where you can order the vegan four cheese pizza! We have vegan bakeries filled with glazed doughnuts in a range of rainbow colours. We have cookies and chocolate and marshmallows and everything.

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