Illegal Immigration into the U.S.

People don’t come here illegally because they want to break the law, they come here illegally because it’s the only way they can in their desperate situation (meaning waiting X amount of years isn’t an option). Illegal immigrants pay thousands of dollars to get here (that they would contribute to the U.S. if there was an avenue for that)…they don’t just walk in here…there are people along the way who they have to pay and there are risks to their lives that they take just to be here. Instead of building a wall on taxpayer dollars (especially given that the majority of taxpayers did not vote for President Trump), build an immigration system that works (immigrants made, and continue to make, this country great). To those criminalizing immigrants, how do you think America was made? You think they asked the Native Americans for permission? You want to criminalize immigrants in search for a better life, start with the ones in your U.S. history book.

7 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration into the U.S.

  1. Natalie.. totally agreed with you on this … I have the very same feeling about illegal immigrants…

    Find a way to make them legal..
    as you said they are only here to try to make a better life..

    I’m so appalled 😳 at how very cold and mean some people are.
    How insensitive they are because it doesn’t affect them…


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    1. Just imagine that…

      We really didn’t have a choice in where we were born..
      And those unfortunate ones who were born in a country that not doing so well..
      try to find a way out to make life better for themselves..
      get condemned for it..

      What about .. consideration before condemnation…

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