Celebrating Our Friendiversary in Miami Beach

My best friend and I decided we’d seize the atypical chilly weather (67° F for South Florida) and take a drive down to South Beach to celebrate our 10 year friendiversary.

We started our day at the beach and made our way to lunch afterwards.

At the pier, the tint of seafoam green on the ocean bed gave the scene a spectacular, picturesque appearance (spent the afternoon in a postcard >.<). And then there’s the way the waves desperately hit the shore and how the sound of those waves desperately hitting the shore enhanced the visual beauty of the sea (beyond amazing!)–being at the beach is one of those things that you have to experience in life (so many people haven’t!). Also, I’ve heard that being near water makes people happier.

We then walked toward Española Way, Miami Beach’s Spanish colonial area. We found this corner restaurant called “Oh Mexico” where the ambience, the service, and above all the food, was out-of-this-world amazing. Seriously, if you’re ever in Miami, go there.

It was a great day.

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Friendiversary in Miami Beach

      1. Oh yes! We were about to go there because we loved the checkered tablecloth and overall aesthetic of the restaurant (although we didn’t get a chance to look through the menu). We will definitely go there soon!

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